Published :
October 19, 2023

Announcing Neptyne for Google Sheets

When we launched Neptyne in February we showed the world the first spreadsheet that was fully Python integrated. Not a way to script a spreadsheet or an API that allows a Python program to interact with a spreadsheet, but the full power of Python because the spreadsheet is in Python. 

But switching spreadsheets can come with a cost, and not everyone is ready to make that leap. Our mission at Neptyne is to make programming universally accessible, and that's why we're very excited to launch the Neptyne Add-on for Google Sheets. This add-on brings the power of Python directly into your spreadsheet:

Check out our getting started guide. Once you are up and running, any function you enter in the code panel is immediately callable from the spreadsheet using the PY() formula:

=PY(“my_function”, args)

Where my_function is the name of the function and args something from the spreadsheet, like A1, or B2:B7, C2. 

It’s pretty cool and really the quickest way to add extra functionality to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. And it is full Python so you can import whatever you need. If you need something that isn’t installed, we have a package manager for you directly in Google Sheets!

One of the beautiful things about this integration is spilling; if your Python function returns multiple values, these values are automatically spread out over adjacent cells. This works for anything list-like and dicts, but also for data frames. This makes re-using data science code really easy!

This is just the beginning for Neptyne in Google Sheets. Stay tuned for more features, like better charts and API support. But if you want to try an even more powerful Python-based spreadsheet today, check out the full Neptyne product. It has all of this and more, including timed cells, flexible Python-based charts, and a full spreadsheet-to-Python API that makes it possible to build powerful applications.