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Get to know the innovative minds behind Neptyne. Our team of experienced professionals and technologists are harnessing the power of Python and artificial intelligence, transforming spreadsheets into powerful app development platforms.

Douwe Osinga

Douwe is a serial entrepreneur, published author and avid traveler. He worked for Google in 4 different countries. He always loved spreadsheets and has done more visual basic than he would like to admit so is very happy to work now on a solution that brings his favorite programming language to spreadsheet world.

Jack Amadeo

Prior to Neptyne, Jack worked at Sidewalk Labs building generative design for cities, at Compass building the real estate platform for the 21st century, and at Bloomberg building communication systems. Jack is a New England native who now lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son, and likes to sometimes run marathons.

David Katz

David is a passionate problem solver who enjoys learning new skills. He obtained both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the Cooper Union. David has worked as a software engineer at Walmart, Sidewalk Labs, and Google, where he has tackled challenges in domains such as logistics, augmented reality, and knowledge indexing. In his free time, David likes to play and develop games, and has created a few in Neptyne. He is also an accomplished table tennis player known as the 'brick wall' due to his ability to block almost any shot. David's other hobbies include traveling, reading science fiction, and teaching his dog new tricks.

Jaison George

Jaison George is the Head of Product at Neptyne. Previously, Jaison worked at Google on the Geo team, having joined through Sidewalk Labs, one of Google's 'Other Bets'. While at Sidewalk Labs, he was a Senior Associate in Corporate Development, focusing on real estate technology. Jaison also worked as an Associate at The Blackstone Group and as an Investment Analyst at Leon Capital Group in Real Estate & Corporate Private Equity. Originally from the Motor City, when Jaison's not working on product development, he enjoys playing volleyball, reading, and spending time with his friends and family.