Troubleshooting: Neptyne Python for Sheets

Google Sheet add-ons sometimes exhibit unexpected behavior, especially around installation and the Neptyne add-on is no exception to that rule. Below are some common cases and what to do if you encounter them.

#NAME?: Unknown Function 'Py'

This will happen if the extension isn't installed or isn't loaded in the document.

1. Check that the extension is installed. In the top toolbar, open Extensions > Neptyne: Python for Sheets > Install. If this menu item does not show up, refresh the page, or install the extension from here. Once the extension is installed, your cells will re-evaluate.

2. Check that the extension is added to the document. Sometimes Sheets gets even more confused and everything looks ok, but it is not able to find the Py function. In that case as they say, try switching it off and on. Go to Add-ons, manage add-ons and you should see something like this:

If there is no check mark after "Use in this document", check it. If there is one, uncheck it and then check it again. The add-on should reload and hopefully all is well again.

3. Check that the extension has loaded. If you still see the error, force the extension to load in the document by opening the code editor. You don't have to edit anything here - opening and closing the code editor should suffice. Just click Extensions > Neptyne: Python for Sheets > Show Code Editor.

Cell value is "Loading..."

When you re-open a sheet that has custom formulas on it including Neptyne's Py formula, Google Sheets will typically re-evaluate all those custom formulas. Sometimes this process gets stuck and all you see is "Loading..." in the cell. Unfortunately this is an unresolved issue that pops up from time to time. You can try to reload the page or try to force the cell to re-evaluate - see the item below.

Forcing cells to re-evaluate

In Google Sheets, hitting enter on a cell without changing the formula does not re-evaluate the cell! To force a re-evaluation, change the value of one of the function's inputs, or add a trailing space bar to the function name. Note that updating the Python code will (after a short delay) re-evaluate cells that use those cells.

Error: Requires enabling Neptyne Advanced Features

Some of Neptyne's most powerful features such as reading/writing cell values, plotting, images and buttons require some extra permissions. Check out this FAQ for how to enable advanced features.