Neptyne: The Programmable Spreadsheet

Use Python inside Google Sheets

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Neptyne Use Cases


Import data

  • Merge data from spreadsheets, CSVs, Json and HTML tables.
  • Connect to databases like Postgres, BigQuery, or integrate with Google Analytics.
  • Web scraping for competitive analysis and online data extraction.

Process data

  • Use AI models for data summarization, refinement, and classification.
  • Anomaly detection, time series prediction, and Monte Carlo simulations with Python.
  • Advanced geospatial analysis with Python mapping libraries.

Visualize & automate

  • Visualizations with Python libraries like plotly, matplotlib.
  • Dynamic maps with Folium, Geoplot, or Plotly for multi-layered data.
  • Automate reports, email results, or send notifications via SMS/Whatsapp.
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Looking for the standalone product?
It is also possible to use Neptyne outside of Google Sheets. This spreadsheet is fully built in Python and is faster and has less limitations.